Authentic Corfiot food: fresh and locally produced.

Traditional greek food

The only thing better than dining outdoors with an ocean view, is enjoying authentic Greek food at Arokaria’s Family Tavern, located in Corfu, near Benitses. Here you will experience a memorable Greek/Mediterranean cuisine. Our foods are prepared with only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Enjoy our fresh seafood

Corfu Island, also known as Kerkira, is surrounded on all sides by the Ionian Sea, stretching from just below Cukë, Albania to just below Thesprotia, Greece with miles and miles of beaches, seaside lounge chairs and umbrellas for your enjoyment and relaxation.

...or some meat from the grill

Ever since man discovered fire, and that meats tasted better when cooked over the open flame, we have been grilling our foods. In Greece, we don’t barbeque – we grill! Grilling and cooking over an open flame outdoors is a timeless tradition in our country.


We source only the freshest local produce, to make sure we only serve the food you deserve on your holiday. Our menu consists of fresh fish and seafood, the best local meat and delicious pastas. However – we cannot promise that we can offer every meal on our menu every day. If the ingredients available aren’t good enough that morning – we don’t buy. What we can promise is that you won’t leave us disappointed.


Come enjoy the ambiance at Arokaria’s Family Tavern, a restaurant that is off the beaten path but worth the trip. Bring the whole family, enjoy the beautiful view of the sea as you enjoy our home-style cooking.


We treat you like family at Arokaria’s Family Tavern. Here you will enjoy your family meal as house guests in our own home. Bring the whole family for your next big celebration or just an outing! We promise you will love the way we will treat you!


We have plenty of free private parking for your whole family, wedding party, birthday party guests or company outing. Come enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and the emerald water of the Ionian Sea.


Our garden patio will transport you to a tropical paradise. Look upon the dazzling green-blue waters of the Ionian as you dine on your favorite appetizers served with freshly baked breads, wine or ouzo. From the appetizers to dessert, our foods are prepared with only the freshest ingredients—be prepared to be amazed!